Matrimony Script

You can buy this school management application alone from Infinite Net solutions. Who have developed complete school management features to start and run your business instantly.

Way to Earn

Has option to convert free to paid member as per your service quote, premium banner ads, integrating google adsense with link and text ads etc.

Referral Program

For existing customer's, we provide Rs 20,000 as commission per sale, We do provide portals like classifieds, shopping cart, jobs & real estate, coupons, jobs etc.

Classifieds Script:

Let your classifieds site handle all of your visitor ads like general, personal, jobs, real estate, NGO, services, classes etc One of the popular and easy to manage business available online. Logon to

Job Portal Script:

Our job portal is completely developed to build feature rich with ease to manage and maintain candidate and employer profile. The new version includes a number of improvements & fixes. Logon to

Time taken:

Within 24 to 48 hrs, The school mangement application home page layout will be provided for approval, From there in less than 3 to 4 days. we will complete the entire website and hand over all the logins and source code.

For webmaster's:

They can buy school mangement application script alone service as well, We will email the script or downloadable option, You need to click, download, install & start customization. Go one step further, we do installation & database creation with default theme & layout.

Easy Admin Panel:

No coding, no programming required to maintain the website, Admin back end login will be provided to manage the member profile. You can add / edit / manage / delete etc.,

Want to buy school mangement application or matrimonial script

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The primary goal of the school mangement application is to install, develop and deliver readymade solutions for schools & school applications for business owners, who are targeting general audience for schooling service through online. Our job is make sure the business owner gets the final output with fully comprehensive features and the visitor who use the website with easy. You can compare with any of the companies, You will come to know our end match making script will be outstanding.

Infinite Net Solutions has been specializing in php school applications and many other website development and php school mangement application script for long time, You can check our portfolio. The member profile are updated with simple navigation admin back end tool. We provide even school management script alone service as well. Requirement will be PHP with MySql database. Our PHP web developers analyse the customer requirement, highlight the features, develop the layout and complete the site as per the needs.

The school mangement application is an one of the profitable online business. Most of the people are not only know the advantages of the Internet. And also they are appreciating to Select their Partners. The school mangement application World has become a long way process. All educated or non educated all are known the use of internet. it will connect to student, staff. .

Infinite Net Solutions: Our's is an unique as per your requirement. Nowadays most of peoples are searching in internet for these type of applications also through the Facebook. same as the Most of the peoples are searching. Our dedicated school management portal script is giving you to great earning opportunity.At initial time allow the free members to more traffic for the make Popular.After getting more traffic you will get the more popular. And make the Paid Memberships also to earn money. and also you can earn money through the google adsense. To alert the space for the google adsense banners. while user click the ad you can earn from ad also. Online school management portal is an profitable online business.

Buy School management script in India: School management is one of the most fashionable application services on the web . It's the application which is used for managing staff, student and other staffs. It has become essential that you provide these functionalities on your application. This is your chance to provide these services to the vast audience of school application. The school management application allows potential for the student and staff to interact without a physical appearance inside the class. We have developed high quality PHP school webiste and applications with advance features to empower our clients to start their new profitable online school services. This is a very powerful online school management package system that we’ve developed exclusively and user friendly and also fully customizable.

How important a school themes? In school management application, Themes play a important role, drive the site & puts forward what it contains. How it navigate & what it looks like. Our simple theory is. The matrimony themes & content are not separate from one another. With our school themes, You can use the same text on more than one site regardless of the content. We provide one of the best matrimony site themes. Based on the customer home page layout consideration, we develop unique school theme for website. SMS verification has been integrated with our existing school theme as an additional using SMS API addon.

One Stop Solution: It will be like readymade school application with already installed readymade school application package, From domain to search engine submission, we take care of all in between process

Online Payment Gateway: Accept credit/debit card through online. By default we will integrate paypal. If you have another service provider gateway, We do integrate that as well.

Unlimited earning: Google adsense integration, affiliate banner and link ads, premium and featured member ads, Even you can integrate any of your existing business service information.

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